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Letter From Our CEO

Started as a group of developers on Ethereum, we have grown to become Asia’s leading integrated solutions provider of blockchain financial services.

In 2017 alone, we helped 18 companies with their projects, and raised over 400 million USD; we launched our OTC service in December, and within a month we had processed over 24 million USD in transactions; we have also worked hard to earn the support of a close network of professional investors, with an accumulative AUM of tens of billions of USD.

This is an exciting result, and it is only made possible by the tremendous effort put in by the Standard Kepler team as a whole. Our team has grown beyond that initial group of blockchain developers and now also comprises of talents from multiple professions, including corporate finance, consultancy, and marketing/PR, all brought together by our love for technology, and conviction that blockchain tech has the potential to transform our modern world. We are looking forward to further expanding our expertise, and thus also our service offering to clients in this revolutionary space.

Having said all that, the spirit of being developers is still very much with us. We conduct our research from a technology-driven perspective, and evaluate prospective projects based on their capability to deliver innovative, paradigm shifting technology solutions. We believe in the true value that blockchain technology brings to us, in that it saves significant transaction time and costs. This conviction will continue to drive every decision we make.

We do acknowledge that speculation and volatility is rampant, and as often is the case within relatively new, booming markets, fraudulent practices are unfortunately not uncommon. But just as the dot-com bubble was a big test for Internet businesses, the Internet itself had already proven its value to society, and the technology not only endured the dot-com crisis, but it would later come to enabled projects that even the mavericks of the dot-com era could never have dreamed up. Similarly, blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change the way we store and access information, and the long term value of these shifts will ensure that the underlying technology survives and flourishes.

Therefore, if you run a solid existing business and share the same passion for technology that we feel, talk to us and see how blockchain technology can help you transform your sector; if you are a regulatory body regardless of your jurisdiction then we want to help you with any information needed; if you work in media and would like to learn more, then we would love to share our viewpoints and insights; and if you also believe in the true value of this tech and want to be a participants in this process, then consider joining the Standard Kepler team – we are growing fast!

Yours Sincerely,
David Tang
CEO Standard Kepler