Standard Kepler

Crypto Custody & Asset Services

Crypto custody and asset services – safeguarding assets and providing operational efficiencies for broker dealers, institutional investors, and companies. 

Secured with Proven Technology

  • Air-gapped and compliant with FIPS 140-2 standards
  • Reviewed by CISSP and CISA
  • All safes certified by ESSA and CEN

Operated with Robust Governance

  • Guided by tiered access-controls; multi-authentication and multi-signatures
  • Biometric access control and “no-lone zone” in all facilities
  • 24-hour manned security

Insured Against External Threats

  • US$16M+ assets under custody in 2018 YTD
  • Up to US$15mn insurance coverage included
  • Optional extra insurance and security escort service available

Custody Services

Safekeeping assets and facilitating executions.

Fund Services

Helping investors focus on what you do best – making decisions.

Issuer Services

Helping companies along their token issuance process.