Standard Kepler

2018 Yearly Review Report


The rollercoaster. 2018 saw plenty of interesting trends and projects rise and fall. It was the year of EOS, launching after a record breaking US$ 4bn ICO, only to be plagued by vote buying and other governance challenges later in the year. The Bitcoin Cash mining war not only shook the BCH community, but also the very foundations of the cryptocurrency market. We have seen the flow of “fresh money” from ICOs trickle to a near standstill, while STOs are not quite ready to carry on the torch. Distrust against USDT, which had been brewing for the good part of a year, finally reached a peak  with the temporary “un-tethering” of the iconic stablecoin. A number of companies were quick to exploit this weakness, and several new stablecoins have seen rapid market cap growth in late 2018. Mining firms had a rougher year, with plenty of shutdowns in 2018 and more to be expected in 2019. These, and many more trends of last year are summarized in Standard Kepler’s 2018 Yearly Review report.


  1. The Crypto Market in 2018
    • Market Overview
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Mining
    • Regulations
  2. Notable Trends
    • Fall of ICO & Rise of STO
    • Crypto Custody & Insurance
    • Stablecoins
    • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)
    • Crypto Firms & IPOs
  3. Blockchain Development
    • Central Banks
    • Governments
    • Industrial Giants
  4. Future Outlook
    • Summary
  5. Appendix


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